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SustainaBill 2007

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    Scenes from SustainaBill's small world circa 2007

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September 24, 2007


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Some Happenin' People

  • Adrienne Rich
    "It will not be simple, it will take all your breath"
  • Andi McDaniel
    A market-fresh voice for a new generation of change agents
  • Andrew Kassoy
    Building the new B Corporation
  • Archon Fung
    Insight and innovation on all things democratic
  • Bill McKibben
    Neighbor, mensch and a force of nature
  • Ceasar McDowell
    Big thinker, community connector
  • Cheryl Dorsey
    The consummate social entrepreneur
  • Chris Morrow
    Putting local, independent businesses on the map and keeping them there
  • Chuck Harris
    A former Goldman Sachs exec with the chops to transform the way non-profits are funded
  • Dan Kemmis
    A singular voice for the West and the politics of place
  • David Baron
    Trusted source for science reporting and gifted storyteller
  • David Bollier
  • DeWitt John
    The father of Civic Environmentalism
  • Donald Hall
    Read anything from his collection, "Without," and you'll see why he's one of my favorite American poets
  • Earl Phelan
    One of the true heroes of his generation, giving back
  • Gary Snyder
    "People who can agree they share a commitment to the landscape . . . have at least one deep thing to share"
  • Hilary Illick
    Student, teacher, fellow traveler
  • Jennifer Krier
    A life coach, scholar and seer
  • Jesse Johnson
    A green entrepreneur with great style
  • John Bonifaz
    My main man in Massachusetts fighting the good fight for democracy
  • John Fox
    Anthropologist, travel writer, strategic communicator, global citizen
  • John Francis
    Literally walking the walk, for 22 years
  • John Thackara
    A global innovator for social change
  • Jonatha Brooke
    Beautiful sound and style
  • Judy Layzer
    Bridging the gap between science and policy for the sake of ecosystems
  • Kit Perkins
    Food and farming for the inner-city
  • Mark Dowie
    My good pal and one of the last great muckrakers
  • Michael Pollan
    Making us eco-literate, finally
  • Niall Kirkwood
    A soccer-playing Scot whose putting brownfields back into production around the globe
  • Pam Houston
    Stories of place that burn a hole in your heart
  • Pat Condon
    Building the Wilderness Civilization in BC
  • Pat Metheny
    What the American landscape would sound like if it played guitar
  • Peter Barnes
    Designing capitalism's next operating system
  • Richard Anderson, John Cleveland and Pete Plastrik
    A dynamic triumvirate and some of the best strategic thinkers anywhere
  • Robert Haas
    Read "The Problem of Describing Trees" and be blown away like "aspens doing something in the wind"
  • Robert Liberty
    The Go-To guy on all things smart growth and livable cities
  • Sabra Field
    Reimagining Vermont with her bold-colored prints like "Windfarm"
  • Sally Handy
    A quiet but powerful force for wellness and lifelong learning
  • Stephen Morris
    Writer-entrepreneur bringing publishing into the 21st century
  • Steve Kellert
    He's making social ecology matter
  • Steven Berlin Johnson
    A semiotician with a singular eye for social networks and new ideas
  • Tim Beatley
    A great guy who gives planning and planners a good name
  • Zyg Plater
    The man behind the snail darter and a dean of modern environmental law
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